Spathiphyllum is a species of flowering plant from the Araceae family, native to tropical regions of the Americas and southeastern Asia. It is one of the most common houseplants because of their easy care and  beautiful flowers.

This plant is more commonly known as the Peace Lily. There are a wide variety of sizes and types of peace lilies. Most serve as floor plants since they can reach three feet tall and grow wide with big, bold leaves. 

Plant Care




Peace Lilies tend to be relatively immune to pest and diseases.They can get spider mites, aphids and mealybugs but can be kept under control with regular wiping of the leaves.


Most household Peace Lilies grow up to 16 inches tall, but larger outdoor cultivars can reach 6 feet in height.


Peace Lilies must grow away from direct sunlight, and under fairly humid conditions


Peace Lilies will sag when it need water. Typically, they need water once every weeks, depending on your home's temperature, light levels, and humidity.

Pet Friendly:

No. All parts of the peace lily plant contain calcium oxalate—a substance that may cause stomach and respiratory irritation if ingested in large amounts.